How May We Help You?

How May We Help You?

About Fundi

Fundi was conceptualized in 2019 and became available to the world in 2022. The intent behind fundi was to create a suite of online applications that would help eliminate churn between businesses and their vendors.

Eliminating churn with fin-tech

So many great ideas and business thinkers fall short due to financial instability. Too many vendor relationships end before they have time to mature. The goal of fundi is to end churn through mutually benefitting shared revenue.

Become indispensable using fin-tech

Through revenue sharing outcomes fundi aims to establish a long term bond between business owner and vendor. Fin-tech features developed by fundi are intended to create new lines of income.

Fin-tech and fundi

We intend to continue developing more ways to influence stronger relationships between businesses and their vendors. Fin-tech provides new possibilities to share revenue with mutually benefitting outcomes.

Better financials through fin-tech

Too often relationships between businesses and vendors collapse over financial challenges. Many vendors charge too much or too little. Fin-tech applications can achieve higher margins for vendors while lowering expenses for businesses.

Fin-tech applications

Fundi is quickly becoming a collection of smart banking tools. Such as:
  • Revenue share algorithms
  • Merchant processing features
  • Peer-to-peer money sharing
  • Money auto-saving
  • Lending & credit
  • Crypto currency

Fin-tech for your business

The evolution of fin-tech creates new possibilities to earn more and save smarter. Fin-tech is quickly becoming part of everyday life in both personal and business. Contact us to learn more about implementing fundi applications into your business.